Ensemble Recovery offers hope and healing to people who struggle with drug or alcohol dependence.

Dependence is a chronic, often lifelong issue. Those trying to break free from their disease face a long road with the possibility of relapse and with the health consequences of their addiction.

Still, there is hope.

At Ensemble Recovery we understand the struggles of the addicted. We want to build lasting relationships with our patients, to help them work through their issues and to treat the specific medical and psychological needs associated with addiction. Our goal is to walk with our patients on the path to healing and wholeness.
Our unique, integrated addiction treatment program combines long-term primary care services with outpatient treatment (including individual and group therapy) and mental health treatment. While not common for recovery programs, we believe treating the whole person is critical for wholeness and healing.
If you are looking for hope and healing for yourself or someone you love, you’ve found the right place. Welcome to Ensemble Recovery.

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Are you ready to start down your path to recovery?

Meet the founders of Ensemble Recovery

Dr. Deaver Shattuck

Shattuck is an internist who has spent the majority of his care in hospital medicine. He has cared for hundreds of patients ravaged by various addictions beginning with their detoxification and into their recovery. He formed Ensemble Recovery with his partner, addictionist Bill Kerley in order to help folks earlier in their disease. To try to prevent the damage drugs do, not just to their bodies, but to their lives.

Bill Kerley

Kerley has spent a 30 plus year career working to help addicts both clinically, and by developing programs and facilities, along with housing options for addicts. He holds a master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from the Rehabilitation Institute at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale (IL), where he specialized in addiction treatment and counseling.